• Bearing has come disconnected from the fork or pull from the clip (pull style clutch)
  • The clutch cable of the vehicle could be broken. This is more common in older cars and is fixed by replacing the clutch cable itself.
  • The clutch cable runs to the clutch fork and bearing. It connects with a small rod. If this rod is missing, the cable won’t attach to the fork and your pedal will go to the floor.

  • If you have a hydraulic clutch you could have low fluid in the master/slave cylinder. This can be checked by visually inspecting the reservoir. If the fluid is below the “full” line, then you have low fluid.

  • The hydraulics could have air in the lines and you will need to bleed the clutch.

  • Check clutch master cylinder/slave cylinder for any signs of leaking or failure. Hydraulics could have internal leaks as well which can cause improper operation. Check hydraulic lines for cracks or over expansion.

If you have any questions about your clutch pedal going to the floor, please contact us at tech@competitionclutch.com or call us at 1 (800) 809-6598. You can also reach us by submitting a ticket to our web portal at https://support.competitionclutch.com/support/login.