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Pressure plate

I have a k-series twin disk clutch .. my mechanic has years of experience fixing modified Honda’s .. he has told me that the pressure plate on my twin disk competition clutch is no good .. I’d like to buy a replacement pressure plate everything else is in amazing condition... by the way I’m David Ocena a satisfyied customer

Hello, David!

I see that this was generated as a ticket, as well.

I will be marking this forum posting as replied only due to this having a ticket, as well. 

For any questions, I'd be happy to continue working with you on RGA 20407.

Here if you need us, and thankful to have you as one of our supporters!

Thank you!

Sarah McCann

Competition Clutch.

I appreciate you and the help .. I’m going to purchase it mid of September.. I have daddy duties for few weeks then I’ll be eligible to purchase it...

Not a problem at all, happy to help! I totally understand, so no rush or worries. Whenever you're prepared, we will be looking forward to helping out.

Take care!

Sarah McCann

Competition Clutch

I really appreciate your service and help this is why your company is number one in its field and growing daily .. i tell all my friends who have cars To shop competition clutch...
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