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Throw-Out Bearing | Noise and Nominal Life

What some common noise a throw out bearing will do b4 going out..I have a wired rattling sound n my clutch feels funny..

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What kind of funny feeling are you witnessing? Is it possible to upload a video documenting the noise?

When  a bearing is reaching the end of it's life there are a couple different  ways that it can fail depending on application and environment. The most  common, and the example in question, is when a bearing is reaching the  end of it's nominal life. The lubricant inside the bearing begins to  dissipate and wear away resulting in friction generating from the  rotational components of the bearing. This is most exemplified by a  metal on metal "whir" sound. There is potential to be able to "sense"  this by resting the clutch pedal on the engagement point of the assembly  and witnessing a vibration that differs from what you have become  accustomed since install, but again this is based on application and  environment.

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